Bellfield is an independent brand that trades on the legacy of great British explorers and is influenced by their compatriots overseas. This summer, the focus is on 50s-style American workwear. With an emphasis on detail and quality workmanship, Bellfield’s London-based creative team adds a sense of fun and adventure into well produced, honest clothing that highlight the style and philosophy of the Bellfield brand.

Bellfield pride itself on its ability to produce minimal, yet exceptionally well-crafted clothing that is always on point and bang on trend. The brand is never afraid to develop new styles, so you’ll always be ahead of the game when you choose Bellfield.

Once you’ve shopped the Bellfield collection, why not take a quick look at our selection of men’s caps and hats? You’ll find a ton of fantastic headwear from all our favourite brands. And to stay warm this winter, make sure you check out our gilets range.


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  • Bellfield Blimp Washed Bomber Jacket

    Bellfield Blimp Washed Bomber Jacket £9.99 RRP £49.99

  • Bellfield Wiltord Jacket

    Bellfield Wiltord Jacket £19.99 RRP £49.99

  • Bellfield Tenant Rain Jacket

    Bellfield Tenant Rain Jacket £19.99 RRP £59.99

  • Bellfield Radon Puffer Jacket

    Bellfield Radon Puffer Jacket £49.99 RRP £64.99

  • Bellfield Campbell Puffer Jacket

    Bellfield Campbell Puffer Jacket £14.99 RRP £69.99

  • Bellfield Chevely Cable Nep Knit

    Bellfield Chevely Cable Nep Knit £14.99 RRP £39.99

  • Bellfield Caister Grindle Knit

    Bellfield Caister Grindle Knit £14.99 RRP £39.99

  • Bellfield Chevely Cable Nep Knit

    Bellfield Chevely Cable Nep Knit £9.99 RRP £39.99