Beck & Hersey - The Fashion Role Model of Manchester

Beck & hersey at footasylum
Beck & hersey at footasylum
Some strong statements have arisen from the Manchester music and fashion scene, and Beck & Hersey certainly have northern soul.

Beck & Hersey is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading forward thinking fashion labels. The brand has emerged from the streets of Manchester and joins an illustrious list of Mancunian artists who have taken the world by storm – from music and fashion to film and TV. Beck & Hersey also take inspiration from the world of sports and have launched an Athletic range recently inspired by the focus and drive that the sporting world can generate.

Beck & Hersey – Looking Fit

The focus and energy sports generate fits seamlessly with the Beck & Hersey vibe. The brand enrolled a number of northern professional and semi-professional athletes to spearhead the clothing line and become the faces of the new Athletic range. The Beck & Hersey range is all about generating positive role models that inspire and motivate, which is why the Beck & Hersey brand chose the young cyclist Chris Pritchard to model their range alongside boxer Liam Cullen who is tipped for big things. The only professional model Beck & Hersey used was one who also doubled up as a footballer playing for F.C United.

Beck & Hersey on a Winning Streak

The Beck & Hersey photo-shoot took place at the Salford Lads Club to fit in with the aspirational message the Athletic range inspires. The Club’s motto fittingly is: “To Brighten Young Lives and Make Good Citizens.”
Beck & Hersey are sending out a very deliberate message about their clothing brand: a brand they want to ‘inspire, invigorate and fire up the spirit of sport and youth, to create winners and opportunities where once, perhaps, there were none.’
Beck & Hersey are not just keeping ahead of trends, they’re setting them. The brand has a new range of graphically led clothes they’ve dubbed the futurevolution collection. The Beck & Hersey Facebook profile proclaims: “Flourescent adolescents and neon tribes reflect these die-hard, hi-definition, full impact times. Our new collection is a result of optimism with a hard edge. Bold blocks of neon and monotone distortion, exuberant use of application and a sense of self-identity personify the futurevolution collection.”

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