Adidas to Launch World Cup Products

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum
Autumn 2009 is when Adidas is expected to launch its range of football world cup products.

Adidas has had the football World Cup sewn up in terms of sponsorship for quite some time now. As a major sponsor, the company has been able to effectively lock-out its keenest competitors, including Nike from television and other direct coverage, forcing those companies to be far more creative with their marketing. Adidas has extended its sponsorship to the 2010 and 2014 world cup competitions and is currently finalising its line of world cup products, which it expects to release later on in 2009.

Adidas Sponsorship Reaps Rewards
No company sponsors an event through the simple goodness of its heart. Adidas knows that sponsoring an event like the world cup will bring it into contact with millions of potential customers, and it wants to have the right stock ready when they start to buy. The 2010 and 2014 sponsorship deals are costing the company hundreds of millions of pounds, but it expects to reap far more than that in sales before, during and after the event. 2010 will mark 40 years for Adidas as a world cup sponsor and the upcoming competition’s deal includes:
• Priority TV advertising
• Priority stadium advertising
• Match ball sponsorship
• Referee/linesman sponsorship
• Licensed equipment sales

It’s a deal that many top sports companies would be willing to trade millions of pounds for, but the relationship between Adidas and the world cup organisers is so strong that its difficult for any other business to break in. Adidas remains second only to Nike in the sportswear and equipment market, but it is clearly the leader when it comes to sponsoring the world cup – which draws hundreds of millions of viewers across the globe.

Adidas Focus on Merchandise

As with all huge sporting events, the sale of associated goods and equipment is where a lot of the money is to be made. Adidas’ range of specially-designed world cup products is bound to bring in a healthy profit, with fans wanting to get their hands on official merchandise. The company will have an official launch later in the year and there’s no indication of what will be available for fans to buy.

Adidas at FootAsylum

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