Vans shoes originated from the Van Doren Rubber Company back in 1966. Two brothers – Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren together with three other partners, opened up the first Vans store and sold their first Vans deck shoes. These were later to become the popular Vans Authentic Trainers. The Vans rugged make up with the ‘sticky’ vulcanised rubber sole became extremely popular with skateboarders in the 1970’s and continue to do so up to the present day. Vans clothing has also become extremely popular and not just with skateboarders. Popular styles of Vans shoes include the Vans Ferris trainer for men and the classic Vans Authentic trainer for women. Footasylum stock a wide range of Vans products including hooded tops and Vans t-shirts.


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  • Vans Slide On Sandal

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  • Vans Boys Box Filled T-Shirt

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  • Vans Womens Slide On Sandal

    Vans Womens Slide On Sandal £9.99 RRP £21.99