Uggs – The Decade’s Boot-iful Trend

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum

Uggs were thought to be a passing trend but their ongoing and enduring popularity means Ugg boots are the footwear of the decade.

UGG boots have outlived every fashion prediction ever since the Australian sheepskin novelty entered the global footwear market. Thanks to the fact celebrities donned Ugg boots with relish (they were probably relieved to have an alternative to killer stilettos) Ugg boots have taken off with unprecedented demand. And unlike other footwear fetishes, Ugg boots only seem to go from strength to strength. In fact, celebrities of all kinds are still being snapped in their Ugg Boots and featured in glossy magazines and newspapers.

Ugg Boots Go Global

Brad Pitt famously became one of the first male celebs to embrace Ugg boots and now he’s introduced his love of the shoe to his children. On a cold night in New York City, Brad Pitt and his wife Angelina Jolie were photographed with their children - their eldest daughter Zahara was kept snug in a pair of Ugg boots. The winter weather is bringing out a wealth of celebs that realise comfort and warmth sometimes needs to take precedence over fashion. And the fact celebrities continue to wear Uggs ensures they always stay on trend. Catherine Zeta Jones was spotted leaving the back stage door ‘looking normal’ in Ugg boots and black jacket, without the usual oversized sunglasses and small dog in hand. Meanwhile, the Daily Mail picked up on ex Rolling Stone star Ronnie Wood who was photographed in a flamboyant scarf and gold Ugg boots on Christmas Day.

Uggs – The Definitive Product of the Decade

The celebrity influence has ensured Ugg boots have stayed on top. According to some of the leading names in the footwear industry who reflected on the past decade, it is Ugss that have prevailed. Jack Minuk, EVP and GMM of shoe division, Nordstrom Inc. said what marked the 90s was “the longevity of Ugg”. Celebrities have in many ways created the demand for Ugg boots and now Ugg boots are “a truly definitive product that has sustained growth like no other this past decade.”
As the company goes from strength to strength, it is also building on its ethical image as well as its celebrity culture. Ugg Australia has now launched its seventh annual ‘Art and Sole’ auction that donates all proceeds to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Ugg invites world famous designers from luxury brands to put their artistic skills together and create a unique one-off Ugg boot that is auctioned off for charity.

Ugg Boots from Footasylum

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