Ugg In a Cold Climate

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylumIf you're looking for love in a cold climate, it's time you invested in a pair of Ugg boots to put a spring in your wintry step.

UGG boots are a phenomena. Ugg has gone beyond being a fashionable blip, a sought after label or a flash in the pan trend. Ugg has taken over the world. From the feet of teenagers on the High Street to the tootsies of film stars in LA, Ugg is the one common denominator that links women, and now men, across the globe.
No matter what class, income, age or status, Ugg crosses all boundaries. Flick open a fashion magazine, and chances are you'll see a photo of one of the hottest celebrities wearing a pair of Ugg boots. If it isn't Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker or Pamela Anderson wearing a pair of Ugg boots, it's Stephanie Beacham on the set of Coronation Street. Stephanie joined the long-running soap and swapped the glamour of Dynasty for the reality of the Street. She told Yours magazine: “It’s such a relief not having to wear seven-inch heels all day. In Coronation Street I literally live in Ugg boots.” The fact that Ugg boots were worn by Pamela Anderson in her red swimsuit on the set of Baywatch, and Beacham on the set of Coronation Street demonstrates just how incredibly popular and versatile the Ugg boot is.

What the Ugg Happened?
What's unusual about the Ugg boot is the fact that, as one fashion critic said, they look like your 'granny's slippers'. The boots were invented in Australia's outback and became an unlikely star of the fashion world. And the Ugg trend has not gone away. If anything, the Ugg boot has become a permanent fixture on the wish-lists of teenagers, young women, yummy mummies and glamorous grans all over the world. And the Ugg boot has also conquered the male market with various Hollywood celebs leading the way. The huge success of Ugg has led some fashion commentators to declare the Ugg boot as the fashion trend of the millennium. The trend for Ugg boots means they can sell out fast as demand continues to go through the roof. In the global recession and with the threat of climate change, it seems there's one fashion label that won't be left out in the cold. In fact, the cold weather and miserable economy is merely reinforcing the collective desire for Ugg boots as they offer warmth, comfort and effortless cool. The company share price continues to rise as everyone else struggles. Five years after Kate Moss was first seen wearing a pair of Ugg boots, the footwear continues to fly off the shelf, with sales in Britain increasing by 140% in the last six months (compared to the same period the year before). The future is Ugg.

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