Ugg Boots Teams with Jimmy Choo

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum

From the ultra-stylish to the ultra-comfortable, the Ugg Boots and Jimmy Choo collaboration is a shoe-lover’s dream come true.

Sheepskin boots specialist Ugg Boots and shoe stylist to the stars, Jimmy Choo, have announced that they are to work together on a special range for existing and new customers. This news will be music to the ears of millions of shoe lovers across the world who live in their Ugg boots, but also love the sexy footwear created by Jimmy Choo.

Ugg Boots and Jimmy Choo Limited Edition

As you might expect, the two brands aren’t planning to collaborate on a huge range that will be available to everyone. Instead, the Ugg boots and Jimmy Choo partnership will be limited, to begin with, to a certain range and quantity of footwear, ensuring already that the finished articles will be some of the most sought-after footwear around. The classic Ugg boot is expected to be the starting point for the collection, so fans who adore the comfort, ease of wear and style of UGG won’t be disappointed. Outlets for buying will also be limited, and there will be just five styles available, in a range of colours and with prices starting at just under $500. For shoe fans, this footwear will be the ultimate combination of casual comfort and high fashion style.

Ugg Boots Get Style Points

To look at side-by-side, you might be wondering how structured, formal, often towering-heeled Jimmy Choo shoes could possibly work with the super comfortable laid-back style of Ugg boots. The companies are delighted to be working together, though, so you can be sure that they’ve come up with great ideas that will not just look stunning, but will be fabulous to wear too. And as for the fashion critics? Well, not everyone is a fan of the collaboration, but if they look and feel as good as their own hype suggests, you can guarantee that every fashion editor and follower worth their salt – and with enough cash – will be wearing them.

Ugg Boots at FootAsylum

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