Ugg Boots Stamp on Fashion Victims

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
When it comes to fashion, shoes and heels can be a killer – which is why so many women won’t be parted from their Ugg boots!

Ugg boots may be derided by some fashion snobs for being ugly or ungainly, but there’s a reason why some of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars won’t be parted from their Ugg boots – compared to the killer heels, crippling platforms and sadistic stilettos, UGG boots are a Godsend.

Ugg Boots – An Ode to Comfort

The recent London fashion show illustrates the lengths some fashion victims will go to when it comes to their shoes. As Liz Jones said writing in the Daily Mail: “Everyone seemed drunk, or disabled.” Flick through any glossy magazine and you’ll find row upon row of ridiculous shoes that are almost impossible for most women to walk in. It’s not surprising that many of these women are often snapped in their Ugg boots when they’re out shopping or going about their day to day lives. It must be an intense relief to sink into a pair of Ugg boots after squeezing and pinching their toes and putting unbearable pressure on their feet and calves.

Dreaming of Sheepskin Shoes

Liz Jones went on to write that she too was wearing a painful pair of shoes with dagger heels, that made negotiating kerbs, grass and carpet something of a challenge. Walking, let alone running, can be like climbing a mountain in impossibly high stilettos. And when you wear such footwear, it can be impossible to think about anything else but the agony your feet are in. No matter how glamorous and exciting the occasion, it will invariably be ruined as all you do is dream of going home, kicking off the shoes and treating your feet to the soft sheepskin of your Ugg boots.

Happy Feet, Happy Mind

And the idea that Ugg boots are ugly is simply not true – because if you have happy feet, the rest of you will look relaxed and comfortable. Your body and face will be relaxed and happy and you’ll have more energy and oomph. Liz Jones wrote that when she went out on a date with a man in crazily high heels, he emailed her saying walking with her was like ‘helping an old lady cross the road’. What’s more, your Ugg boots won’t leave your feet blistered, red or suffering with bunions. Let’s face it, ridiculously high heels can be disempowering – isn’t it time you embraced your Ugg boots?

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