Ugg Boots Hit the Headlines

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum

From cats to celebrities, Ugg boots seem to be endlessly in the headlines – is there no stopping this footwear phenomena?

Google ‘Ugg boots’ and you’ll be inundated with websites, blogs and stories all revolving around the simple sheepskin shoe. So how can it be explained that a boot can cause such a media stir? UGG are, it seems, a law unto themselves. They simply have that elusive ingredient that footwear and clothing designers try and formulate year on year. Perhaps it’s the authentic Australian surfer ethos that ensures Ugg boots are effortlessly cool. The Ugg began in Oz and was reclaimed by the surfers when they realised its ability to keep feet warm after hitting the surf, and cool – perfect for the Australian climate. Sheepskin adapts to the temperature around it, making the boot ideal for chilly London and laid back LA.

The Ubiquitous Ugg

And now Ugg boots are everywhere. But their promiscuity has done nothing to dampen consumer desire. The Telegraph newspaper featured the Ugg boots in one of its online photo galleries showing how the shoes attract headlines. One photo featured a frame from CCTV footage of a thief who ram raided a supermarket wearing nothing but a sheet and his girlfriend’s Ugg boots. Wearing Ugg boots are instantly distinctive and perhaps not the most subtle item of clothing to wear if contemplating crime. The photos then moved onto the inevitable stable of celebrities snapped wearing Ugg boots. But what’s different about Uggs is its all-encompassing effect across sex and age with the likes of Rolling Stone’s Ronnie Wood snapped wearing a pair of his favourite Ugg boots to Sarah Jessica Parker walking her son to school in a pair.

Ugg Boots in the Red Tops

Move to the tabloids and you’ll find even more Ugg-related news. The Daily Mail has featured classic headlines such as ‘Puss in Ugg boots: The shaved cat who looks like a dedicated follower of fashion.’ (“It was a baking hot day, so the fur coat had to go. But a girl abandon her Ugg boots? Never.”) Bizarre pet stories are always a favourite – as of course are stories featuring any kind of celebrity. Jason Donovan managed to hit the deadlines simply for jogging in his Ugg boots. As well as endless stories of celebrities wearing their Ugg boots, the paper has debated the pros, cons and etiquette of wearing the sheepskin boots, asking whether at 37, are women “too old for Ugg boots?” to wondering why shoes that are “hot, smelly and bad for your feet” so darned popular.

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