Ugg Boots for all Seasons

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
Ugg is expanding its range for the Australian winter, based on its European experiences.

When you walk past the queue of people waiting in the winter cold to get into the UGG store in London’s Covent Garden, it’s easy to forget that the brand originated -and is still based – in the warm climate of Australia.

Ugg Boots Extends Range

Like all international brands, Ugg has to deal with something called “reverse seasonality”. Essentially, that just means that the company has to be organised enough to market winter footwear in Australia at the same time as summer footwear in Europe and the USA. It also means that Ugg is constantly learning lessons about what works in different climates so that it can extend its range and give all its customers, wherever they are, a real choice when it comes to trendy, comfortable footwear.

Ugg Goes for More

Although the sheepskin boots made the Ugg brand world-famous and still maintain the centre spot as far as the company’s strategy is concerned, there are many other ways in which Ugg can look after your feet. Producing boots that are made for tougher weather means that the company can extend its reach, both to traditional Ugg lovers who are looking for a new boot with a difference, and for newcomers who love quality. That’s why Ugg is using its experience of the European market to produce new ranges for their Australian customers, including trainers, hard-wearing leather boots and fashion boots.

Ugg Boots for British Customers

In the UK, we’re used to variable weather conditions and to dressing accordingly. Ugg boots have become incredibly popular here because of their constant warmth and comfort – as well as the fact they look great. Whilst they are brilliant for most occasions, Ugg has discovered that the standard sheepskin boots aren’t a match for the worst of the weather, which is why it’s added to its range. That means that as an Ugg customer, you have access to brilliant design and top quality – and all available in stores and online.

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