Ugg Boots Conquer High Heels

Adidas at footasylum
Adidas at footasylum

High heels can be crippling and painful to wear, is it any wonder that even the most glamorous of celebrities have a trusted pair of comfy Ugg boots?

Have UGG boots replaced high heels as the most lusted after footwear? Fashion lovers adore their heels, but the sheepskin delights of Ugg mean footwear fans have made room for the boots next to their Manolos and Jimmy Choos. And can you blame them? When you look at the discomfort heels cause, a pair of cosy Ugg boots seems a far more appealing choice to hit the high street in. No wonder Ugg boots are the number one choice for celebrities walking their dogs, heading to the supermarket or walking their kids to school. Ugg boots are effortlessly chic – a way to do dressed down without losing your fashion kudos.

Ugg: Slippers for the Soul

Ugg boots are the fashion success story of the millennium. The unlikely slipper-like boots may look closer to granny slippers to high-end fashion, but Ugg boots continue to dominate the fashion world. If Uggs were designed for the granny slipper market perhaps they wouldn't be the massive hit they are. But the fact they were the vision of an Australian surfer dude, gives them a cool-by-association vibe. And Ugg boots aren't cheap, which may be part of the appeal -Ugg boots are made from luxurious sheepskin. But there's no denying that the appeal of wearing comfy Uggs must be like a balm for women fed up with vertiginous heels. Sure, Ugg boots may not be sophisticated or particularly sexy, but there's no doubt they're cool. The legion of celebrity Ugg wearers - Kate Moss, Madonna, Sara Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow and now even male fans like Brad Pitt, can't all be wrong.

The Ugg Phenomenon

Ugg boots are so desirable that it can be hard getting your hands on a pair. Some Ugg shoe shops operate a one person at a time service to stop the inevitable Ugg queues. More Ugg fans are turning to specialist shoe shops online to take the hassle out of Ugg shopping. The Ugg phenomenon goes from strength to strength – it seems no-one is immune to the round toes, sheepskin lining and chunky leg shape of Uggs. The success of Uggs could in some way be a backlash to the dominance of killer heels – Uggs offer a much needed break, as well as adding instant fashion cool.

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