Ugg Boots and the Marmite Effect

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
When it comes to Ugg boots, it seems you either love them or hate them.

UGG boots can divide nations. It seems you don’t sit on the fence when it comes to Ugg boots – you either love them or hate them. A bit like Marmite. But no matter how loudly dissenting voices groan about their dislike of Uggs, it seems their popularity is never ending. Ever since Ugg boots first arrived on the fashion scene, they’ve taken a firm grip around our ankles and have simple not let go. Every year in America when temperatures begin to drop slightly in the always-warm California state, celebrities it seems are itching to get out their Ugg boots. And as movie stars and fashion followers don their Uggs, the critics sharpen their pencils.

Ugg! Hot Hollywood Trends

All over California, editorials and blogs are springing up expressing outrage at Ugg boots as winter arrives. Those who hate Ugg boots complain they are impractical, bulky and shapeless, 'the sweatpants of the shoe world'. But those who love them really love them. They are one of the biggest selling footwear products around. Originally designed by Australian sheepherders, the Ugg boot has taken over the world. Sheepskin boots have long been used throughout history to keep feet cosy – unlike synthetic fabrics, sheepskin keeps your feet warm or cool thanks to its breathable quality. It isn’t surprising that they are loved by Hollywood starlets who breathed a massive collective sigh of relief when the ultra-comfortable Ugg boots became the height of fashion; at last, footwear that didn’t boast a vertigo-inducing high heel leaving them in footwear agony.

The Politics of Footwear Fashions

It was back in 2003, that celebrities were first spotted in Ugg boots, from Jenifer Aniston to Brad Pitt. And now Ugg boots are an integral part of the fashion fabric becoming something of an instant classic. Those who hate them however find them obnoxious monstrosities, at once useless and ugly. Critics complain the Ugg boot is an eyesore – the most ridiculous footwear ever designed – and yet millions of people buy Ugg boots every year. Ugg boots seem to divide the opinion of fashion lovers in the same way other controversial footwear does, such as Crocs. But no matter how much you love or hate them, one thing’s for sure, Ugg boots are here to stay.

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