Ugg Boots and LA Style

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
A recent feature in the Los Angeles Times has praised the Ugg boot for taking the world by storm.

Who knew a simple sheepskin boot would end up being profiled in the pages of the LA Times? Ugg boots have gone from a small Australian surfing community into a global craze. The Ugg boot is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it – and UGG boots clearly have a massive world-wide following. Whether you see Ugg boots as gorgeous or hideous, comfortable or clunky, it is, according to the LA Times, ‘a national uniform’ in the States. People in America wear their Ugg boots even in July as their fashion kudos is still strong. Unlike most trends that come and go, Ugg boots have become a permanent fixture as a fashion phenomenon.
The sales of Ugg boots have always soared in America. What should have been a fad has become an entire industry in its own right, with hundreds of imitation designs in its wake. The company behind Ugg boots sold $212 million worth of goods in the third quarter of 2009 – defying the recession and the odds. The huge success of Ugg boots prompted the LA Times to investigate the incredible mass appeal of the footwear.

Ugg boots conquer the world

Sheepskin lined footwear has always had a classic place in cold climates. But it was in the heat of Australia that the brand began, as a surfer looked for a solution to cold feet after hitting the sea. The appeal of sheepskin is its ability to adapt to the temperature – keeping feet warm or cool – the breathability of sheepskin is a natural thermostat making it ideal for hot and cold climates. Ugg boots began way back in 1978 and it was a natural sidestep from the cool world of surfer dudes to the Hollywood set.

Ugg has feet firmly in the door

In 1995, Ugg boots re-launched as a ‘luxury brand’ intent on global domination. When Oprah Winfrey was sent a pair, she loved them, buying 350 pairs for her staff. It was an endorsement that catapulted Ugg boots into the big time, as consumers queued up for the must-have footwear brand. Ugg boots were spotted on movie stars from Brad Pitt to Jennifer Aniston, keeping Ugg number one in people’s must-have list. The Washington Post said that Ugg boots were still in style, despite some British stylists saying Uggs are the worst trend around. Some see them as ugly manifestations that make ankles look fat. But sales figures and the continuing visibility of Ugg boots from the Hollywood set to the high street tell the real story – love them or hate them, Ugg boots are here to stay.

Ugg Boots from Footasylum

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