Ugg Boots – Winter’s Most Popular Online Item

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
Ugg boots are popular all year round but winter is the season when online sales soar.

Sales of UGG boots seem to have gone through the roof this year. Even with the global recession. In fact as the economy feels as chilly as the winter winds it isn’t surprising that customers are queuing up to buy Ugg boots as they offer a bit of comfort and warmth. Ugg boots are reassuringly expensive but not unattainably so – they are an affordable treat. And pirates and counterfeiters have been trying to cash in on the surge for Ugg boots. Ugg boots are one of the winter season’s most popular items online and ‘Ugg boots’ are one of the top searches in the designer clothes sector. The holiday demand for Ugg boots however has resulted in a shortage, and unscrupulous fraudsters are trying to cash in on the demand selling fake Ugg boots online.

The Celebrity Influence

The trend for Ugg boot has simply never died out. Celebrities as varied as Brad Pitt and Pamela Anderson, Cameron Diaz and Oprah Winfrey favour the sheepskin boots. Auction sites are particularly vulnerable to fake designer goods including Ugg boots. If the price tag of the boots looks too good to be true, the Ugg boots could in all likelihood be fake. It’s important if you are looking for Ugg boots that you buy from well known, reputable online stores such as Footasylum. And when it comes to buying fake designer goods such as Ugg boots it isn’t just the consumer that is stung with a substandard product – the criminal rings that run counterfeiting schemes can be linked to child labour and other criminal activities such as funding terrorism.

Genuine Ugg Boots – Irreplaceable

The counterfeits are a sign of the boots enduring popularity as the genuine boots become harder and harder to find in the winter months when demand peaks. Although fake Ugg boots may help you get the look you want, there’ll be a marked difference in quality – often with poor stitching or crooked heel tags. Demand for the genuine Ugg boots seems to show no abating, despite the counterfeit risks. With the likes of Sienna Miller and Justin Timberlake as fans of the footwear, it seems consumers can’t get enough of the Ugg boot, which now comes in over 150 styles. And although there are many competitors trying to get a piece of the Ugg market, it seems consumers believe there’s only one Ugg boot. The LA Times tried to get a grip on what makes Ugg boots so uniquely appealing. One woman told the paper: “It's like getting to know a guy. At first he might not be that attractive. But after a few dates and you get really comfortable, you just can't be without each other. Well, that's how I feel about my Ugg boots."

Ugg Boots from Footasylum

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