Ugg Boots – The Perfect Gym Companion

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
You can pick up the perfect gym companion with Ugg boots that are surprisingly well-suited to those weekly trips to the fitness centre with their cushioned sheepskin inners and thermostatic footwear design.

Going to the gym can take its toll on your tootsies. Whether you are pounding the treadmill or bending over backwards to balance in a yoga class; your feet can be put through their paces. Leaving the gym, your feet can feel sore and uncomfortable. More and more people are realising that their favourite Ugg boots can double up as the perfect gym companion; providing comfort to tired feet after strenuous exercise.

These Boots were Made for Walking

Ugg boots are being spotted on celebrities and gym enthusiasts around the globe. Katie Holmes has been the latest trend-setter to be spotted hopping on the Ugg boot bandwagon; sporting some very stylish Uggs to her fitness centre. More and more people are realising that Ugg boots are perfect for comforting your feet after a workout at the gym. For those that work out in bare feet, Uggs can warm your toes after working on a cold floor. Alternatively, for those that suffer from trainer friction, the soft sheepskin lining of Ugg boots is perfect for soothing sore soles.

Uggerly Ergonomic Design

The popularity of Ugg boots has largely been down to their suitability for a variety of activities. Suited to both hot and cold climates and comfortable for every foot shape; Ugg boots are designed with the human foot in mind.

  • Thermostatic Design - Ugg boots are made from sheepskin which is naturally breathable. The thermostatic design of UGG allows feet to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. Utilised by surfers and originally pilots; it is no wonder that their popularity has taken off with fitness fanatics.
  • Cushioned Lining - Ugg boots has a sumptuously soft sheep skin inner which cushions the foot and eliminates the need for socks. The inner sheepskin is so thick that it can mould to the shape of the foot for superior comfort and fit
Feel the Foot Love from Ugg at Footasylum

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