Ugg Boots – The Battle to Buy the Genuine Article

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
It is becoming increasingly difficult for people to know whether or not the Ugg boots they have bought are the genuine article with counterfeit traders continuing to produce poorer quality items to dupe buyers out of their cash.

Ugg Australia pride themselves on fabulous footwear. Delivering on luxury and comfort, their boots are worn by men, women and children around the world. Their materials are selected and re-selected to ensure the highest standards are maintained at all times. However, with increasing numbers of counterfeit Ugg makers; people who buy from unauthorised retailers are finding that they have been conned into buying substandard boots that have none of the benefits of the genuine UGG branded boots.

The Ugg-ly Truth about Counterfeit Boots

For those people that think purchasing counterfeit items is a victimless crime, they are sadly mistaken. Fake goods are often a front for more serious illegal activity that can involve drug smuggling, money laundering and even child slave labour. Affecting the economy and the wages of hard workers; in truth hundreds of people could potentially be affected by purchasing counterfeit Ugg boots. In an attempt to save money, some people turn to fake brands only to find that they do not get what they paid for. From poor quality boots to dangerous production methods; you can never really know what you are purchasing.

Undercover Ugg: Keep Counterfeit Goods at Bay

Ugg Australia has set some guidelines to ensure you know when you have purchased counterfeit goods and how you should report it. Genuine Uggs are made from high quality sheepskin that is immaculately stitched together to ensure a luxurious fit and feel. Always purchase your Ugg boots from a retailer that shows brand information, the Ugg brand logo and stocks an array of high quality boots and shoes.

Poor Stitching – Counterfeit Ugg boots will often have visibly poor stitching that may be crooked or inconsistent. When in doubt, always purchase from a reputable online retailer.

Double Lining – Fake Uggs may have a double lining that is filled with an inferior material to create the illusion of the thick sheepskin that is used in the genuine article.

Incorrect Label – Counterfeit Uggs can often be quickly identified by their fake labels that have misspelled words, incorrect colouring and the wrong size text.

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