Ugg Boots – Sales of Celebrity Favourite Ugg on the Increase

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
Ugg boots certainly have no problem standing out from the crowd and it is little wonder they are so popular with celebrities as diverse as Lily Allen and Bruce Willis. According to a report in the Telegraph, sales of the Ugg range are on the increase as consumers seek woolly footwear.
UGG boots are certainly amongst the most recognisable forms of footwear on the high street and they are finding favour amongst people from all walks of life. Ugg boots are just as likely to be seen donning the feet of an A-List celebrity as they are on a student buying milk from the corner shop and it is this universal appeal which has undoubtedly helped to propel the Ugg range to the heights of one of the UK's favourite types of footwear.
According to the report in the Telegraph, the recent snowstorms that have bombarded Britain have seen the sale of the Ugg range have increased exponentially as consumers seek the warmth and comfort which can be found in abundance with the wool coated Ugg footwear range. It is the sheer comfort of the Ugg range which has won them a place in the hearts of footwear fans up and down the UK and most women will have a pair of Uggs in their wardrobe for just such an occasion as was witness recently when the country was bought to a standstill by the heavy snow spanning the UK.

Ugg Boots – Moss Gloss
The emergence of Ugg boots in the UK can generally be traced back to Kate Moss wearing a pair some five years ago and since then, the Ugg range has gone from strength to strength in terms of popularity. According to the report in the Telegraph, Ugg boots have been experiencing strong sales even before the recent snow flurries as more and more people want to experience the snug and warm fit that is provided by their woolly interior. The report goes on to say that Ugg boots are proving so popular that sales have actually increased by 140% in the last six months alone. This just goes to show that the Ugg range is blowing many other forms of footwear out of the water when it comes to which boots people want on their feet to keep them warm.
Ugg Boots – Going Short
Such is the demand for Ugg boots in the UK, there were fears that the supply of the woolly footwear would actually run out but fortunately this was not the case, according to the report in the Telegraph. Speaking of the popularity of the Ugg range, Candida Hilton of AMG states to the Telegraph, “The cold weather obviously means people are thinking about keeping warm. But Uggs have proved to be a staple item in many people's wardrobe, which people stock up on every season, like a white T-shirt or denim jeans.”
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