Ugg Boots – Sales Keep Climbing

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum

Sales of Ugg Boots are climbing uphill as consumers seek out warm and woolly footwear in the cold snap.

The weather in the UK this winter has been freezing, with cold winds dragged in from Siberia. It’s not surprising that the ever-popular UGG boots are taking an even firmer grip of the nation’s shopping habits. Sales of Ugg boots have jumped in recent weeks thanks to the sub-zero temperatures across the UK. It may be over five years ago when style-guru and icon Kate Moss was first spotted in a pair, but time hasn’t dulled the allure of the Ugg boot. In fact, even more celebrities seem to be embracing Uggs. And celebrities drive sales.

From Hollywood with Love

To find a boot that combines warmth comfort and style is a dream come true for celebrities more used to pain and cold, with towering heels on the red carpet rain or shine. The woolly footwear has long been favoured by Hollywood, and Ugg boots are still flying off the shelf according to trading figures. Ugg boots may split style and fashion critics, with some saying Uggs are simply ugly while others believe they’re the most comfy boots available. Worn on the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Brad Pitt and Catherine Zeta Jones, Uggs are glamorous by association.

Ugg Boots Recession Proof

Experts in retail long predicted that Ugg boots wouldn’t be a victim to the recession. When money is tight, consumers may cut back on big luxuries but trends show that they’ll invest in small luxuries. It’s a phenomenon dubbed the ‘lipstick effect’ as we buy affordable luxuries to cheer us up. And when the cold weather hits, it’s our feet we want to indulge. And their predictions have proven true – sales of Ugg boots have increased by 140% in the UK in the last six months compared to the same time last year.

Cold Weather Boosts Sales

The demand for Ugg boots is such that some retailers have expressed fears that Britain could face a shortage of the boots. The UK experienced its coldest winter in 30 years at the beginning of 2010 pushing more people to invest in the sheepskin lined Ugg boots. Retailers say that although the cold weather has clearly helped to boost sales, Ugg boots are a ‘staple item in many people’s wardrobe’ ensuring Ugg boots are stocked up every season.

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