Ugg Boots – Raining Down Profits

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum

It seems Ugg boots are perennially in fashion and judging by the recent sales figures, even the soggy weather can’t stop sales.

Rain, sun, snow, hail, sleet, fog or flood – it seems whatever the weather, Ugg boots are in fashion. Deckers Outdoor Corp, the company that manufactures the coveted Ugg boots said the fourth quarter profits jumped by 67% and 2010 profits would exceed expectations.

Deckers earned $67.7 million in the final three months of 2009 with its annual revenue rising 15% to $348million. And the phenomenal success of the company has to have a large part to do with the ever-popular Ugg boots. The company behind Ugg predict that this year, they’ll even beat last year’s profits by a further 5%. So what is it about Ugg boots that makes them endure all weathers and cross cultural divides as well as the generations?

It’s Raining Uggs

The mix of comfort and style seems to be perfectly captured in the Ugg boot. And of course Ugg boots have that much sought after endorsement – the celebrity endorsement. Celebrities just love Uggs. Everyone from A-list Hollywood down to C-list British tabloid fodder are continually snapped in their Ugg boots. And even the weather doesn’t seem to stop Ugg lovers. According to reports in America, the slushy winter streets aren’t stopping people from wearing their Uggs, they simply have kicked up a new source of income; dry cleaners are making a killing as they open their doors to the sheepskin loving nation. In one report, a dry cleaner in New York’s Bronx area told the press they were seeing hundreds of Ugg boots a month, adding they were “unbelievably popular”. Sheepskin is not waterproof and Ugg boots simply can’t cope with sodden streets, but it seems Ugg lovers would rather not sacrifice their footwear – just clean it more often.

Come Rain or Come Shine

Americans truly are in love with the comfortable must-have footwear – it costs on average $40 to clean a pair ($50 to clean high boots). Ugg boots divide the population with lovers of the footwear offering unwavering adoration and haters left bemused at their unfathomable popularity. As well as America, over in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, women have to curb their love of Ugg boots as the region finally thaws out from a long winter. Ugg boots can’t cope with the wintry slush in countries such as Latvia with the local press urging ladies to swap their Ugg boots for rubber boots – at least until the streets are dryer!

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