Ugg Boots – Not Just For Girls

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
If you thought Ugg boots were girly shoes, think again. Plenty of men are choosing Ugg comfort and style.

With Ugg boots becoming a major fashion brand, it’s not surprising that the company has established clear collections for both men and women. After all, why should men miss out on easy-to-wear, comfortable shoes and boots? UGG doesn’t think they should, which is why you can now buy from a great range of Ugg boots for men.

Why Men Choose Ugg Boots

If you’re into fashion and you like to look good, Ugg boots are ideal. Without the huge price of a lot of men’s designer footwear, but with style and comfort in abundance, more men are choosing the buy from Ugg. The company produces a range of men’s footwear, understanding that men will want different styles of boot and shoe, including:
  • Outdoor slippers – designed with the same end in mind as the traditional ladies’ Ugg boots, men’s outdoor slippers are designed to be stylish whether you wear them indoors or out. All soles are suitable for outdoor used, whilst the uppers remain flexible and comfortable, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Rugged boots – this line of Ugg boots is perfect for the man who likes the outdoors. Chunky-soled boots with motorcycle styling, waterproof materials and designed to be easy to put on and take off, these boots are popular with Ugg boots fans around the world. In classic Ugg style, these boots are still lined with sheepskin to ensure real warmth and comfort.
  • Classic Uggs – boots for indoor and out, the classic Ugg ankle boots are available for men and women. Soft and flexible, sheepskin lined but with a thick sole, these men’s classic Ugg boots are great value for money.
  • Heavy duty – if you buy men’s Ugg boots from the company’s Weather and Performance range, you can be sure that you’re buying boots that will get through most outdoor conditions. These aren’t traditional soft Ugg boots; they’re made from tough materials that are built to last.
For men and women, Ugg boots now come in a wide range of styles, colours and finishes so that you can have a pair of Uggs for every occasion.

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