Ugg Boots – No Rules

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum

Ugg Boots have become so ubiquitous that they’ve broken all fashion rules.

Who would have guessed, when UGG boots first became popular, that they would be the catalyst for thousands of women across the world throwing the fashion rulebook out of the window? There seems to be no outfit that Ugg boots can’t be worn with which means, of course, that you get great value for money from each pair you buy.

Ugg Boots for All Occasions

As we all know, Ugg boots come from Australia and New Zealand – there’s some dispute as to exactly where the first Ugg boot was made, and various claims exist about their original use – including WWI pilots keeping their feet warm in unpressurised planes. Certainly they were and still are used by surfers to keep their feet warm when they came out of the water, and the spread of this usage to the surfers of the USA and eventually to non-surfing celebrities is the cause of the worldwide phenomenon we see today. Ugg boots are now worn universally with a wide range of outfits and it’s the high levels of comfort that wearers get from these boots that sets them apart from other types of footwear. Ugg boots have been teamed with:

  • Mini skirts
  • Bikinis
  • Formal dresses
  • Jogging bottoms
  • Pyjama bottoms
  • Jeans
  • Leggings

There’s no outfit that can’t be finished off with a pair of Ugg boots – particularly as they come in a range of heights, colours and finishes, giving you a real choice when it comes to comfortable footwear. From stars doing their shopping in jeans and Ugg boots to teenagers relaxing at home in baggy lounge pants, this is one type of footwear that’s destined for a long bout of popularity across the board.

Ugg Boots at FootAsylum

With lots of fake Ugg boots on the market, you need to be sure you’re buying the real thing. Proper Ugg boots are well made from quality materials, giving you the support and comfort you need, as well as a much longer lifespan than fake designs. At FootAsylum, we only sell genuine Ugg boots and we have a range of colours and styles available, giving you a great choice and excellent value for money. Take a look at our collection today and buy online.