Ugg Boots – Male Celebrities Take to Ugg Boots

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
Whilst most would associate Ugg boots with the female species, there have been a string of A-List male celebrities spotted sporting Ugg boots recently and many expect that Ugg boots may become as popular with men as they already are with women around the world.
According to a report in the Telegraph, gone are the days were it was just female celebrities, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Moss, are seen donning Ugg boots. They are becoming increasingly popular amongst male celebrities of late and have been spotted on the feet of actor Leonardo DiCaprio and the Rolling Stones musician Ronnie Wood. The wool line interiors of Ugg boots provide immense warmth and comfort and it is of little surprise that male celebrities have jumped on the Ugg boot bandwagon.
It may not be a well known fact, given the popularity of UGG boots amongst women, but they actually were originally designed to be worn by men when they were first devised in Australia back in the 1970s. The original purpose of Ugg boots was to be worn by sheep shearers and the soon began to become popular amongst Australian surfers after that and, before long, women could no longer resist the charm of Ugg boots and they became a staple of the female wardrobe.
Ugg Boots – Bridging the Sex Gap
Ugg boots are generally now considered a footwear brand targeted at women but if male celebrities continue to don the famous footwear, it surely won't be too long before Ugg boots are for both sexes once again. Speaking to the Telegraph, Connie Rishwain of Ugg, stated, “It's a feel-good brand. We're all about comfort and luxury. And at a time when people might not be able to remodel their house or buy a new car, they can buy a pair of Ugg boots.” With major celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio lending their seal of approval to the Ugg brand by being photographed wearing the footwear, it will certainly play a decisive role of glorify Ugg boots as a viable form of male footwear.
Ugg Boots – The Importance of Comfort
It goes without saying, of course, that the thing that most people look for first and foremost with their footwear is comfort and this is an area in which Ugg boots are generally beyond compare. In terms of warmth and comfort, few forms of footwear can match up to the Ugg brand and based on this alone, it is difficult to see why Ugg boots are becoming just as popular with men as they already are with women up and down the UK.
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