Ugg Boots - Fashion and Comfort

Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
When it comes to the world of fashion, there aren’t many things that combine comfort and style, but Ugg boots are always on trend.

Ugg boots seem to have a never-ending appeal. Ever since the sheepskin-lined footwear flew over from Australia, Ugg boots have taken the world by storm. And it seems they won’t be going anywhere in a hurry thanks to the new trend in fashion to make footwear comfortable. For years, comfort has been at the bottom of the agenda when it comes to women’s shoes and boots. But Ugg boots changed all that.

The Only Way is Ugg

At one point, it was only UGG boots and trendy trainers that fashion lovers could turn to if they wanted something flat and comfortable. But now, flats are back big time. Brogues and comfy, sensible shoes seem to be making something of a resurgence with trend setters like Alexa Chung being spotted frequently in loafers. It seems fashionable young people are queuing up for comfortable footwear, from Ugg boots to brogues; low heels and rounded toes are ‘in’. Fierce shoes that force women to walk with a hobble are no longer being accepted by intelligent women who know it’s not worth crippling their feet in the name of fashion – and hobbling across a room is not a good look on any woman.

What Women Want: Ugg Boots

Magazine articles are even proclaiming the death of the uncomfortable shoe, as Ugg boots, brogues and low heels fly off the shelves. It’s true that most young women can get away with wearing any kind of ugly or clumpy shoes. Some may say the trend in Ugg boots is testimony to that (Ugg boots look great on the young, but a bit weird on the over 50s). But whatever your age, comfortable shoes have an undeniable appeal. Many fans of Ugg boots have said they‘re like wearing slippers. And perhaps Ugg boots have spoiled a generation of women who now walk defiantly down the street wearing boots, flats, sandals and trainers. It’s been dubbed an act of ‘collective fashion disobedience’. Let’s face it, if you’re running for a bus, chasing the children to school, negotiating a tube escalator or walking to work, six inch heels are simply impossible.

Fashion has rarely embraced function, but the fact that Ugg boots, alongside low level heels and trainers sell far faster than any vertiginous heels illustrates that what women want is both style and comfort.

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