From edgy graphic designs to modern day art, Trash brings a new contemporary style suitable for today’s generation. The new Trash collection at Footasylum focuses on strong, clean graphics, and bold colour palettes for head turning impact.  We stock some of the popular Trash t-shirts including the graffiti t-shirts, the pipeline t-shirts and the spray time t-shirts.

    • TRASH Skatepark Vest

      TRASH Skatepark Vest £14.99

    • TRASH G Thing T-Shirt

      TRASH G Thing T-Shirt £19.99

    • TRASH Graffiti Sweatshirt

      TRASH Graffiti Sweatshirt £14.99 RRP £44.99

    • TRASH Baroque 37 T-Shirt

      TRASH Baroque 37 T-Shirt £14.99 RRP £34.99

    • TRASH Haters T-Shirt

      TRASH Haters T-Shirt £14.99 RRP £24.99

    • TRASH Spray Time T-Shirt

      TRASH Spray Time T-Shirt £19.99 RRP £24.99

    • TRASH 37 Baroque T-Shirt

      TRASH 37 Baroque T-Shirt £14.99 RRP £34.99

    • TRASH Sweet Cheeks T-Shirt

      TRASH Sweet Cheeks T-Shirt £14.99 RRP £24.99

    • TRASH My Size Sweatshirt

      TRASH My Size Sweatshirt £9.99 RRP £44.99

    • TRASH Big City Life Vest

      TRASH Big City Life Vest £14.99 RRP £24.99

    • TRASH Skate Park T-Shirt

      TRASH Skate Park T-Shirt £9.99 RRP £35.99