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The brand history of Superga

In 1913, Walter Martiny began producing rubber-soled footwear branded with the Superga logo in Torino, Italy. By 1925, his designs expanded to include vulcanized rubber soles and the Superga 2750 Heritage style was born!
In the 1970s while sales of the 2750 continued to grow, Superga diversified the collection again by adding sport shoes containing a wide range of technical attributes. These include Superga City Leather, plus the Superga Country Vulcanized and Sport lines.
The 2750 Heritage style has been an icon from the beginning and has since been named "Torino" in honor of Superga's birthplace. This renaming also recognizes Walter Martiny's achievement of his original 1913 vision:
To design and produce the highest quality footwear, in timeless classic styles, for the entire family.
Today, Superga continues to celebrate the relaxed, carefree lifestyle of the 2750 by offering a wide range of colors, fabrics and prints each season for women, men and bambini. We keep the bestselling canvas, linen and leather collections in stock all year. Plus, look out for original, Italian prints every season. Go Scalze! Leave your socks at home.