Rum Knuckles


Rum Knuckles is relatively new brand that was created by an artist / designer called RUGMAN. He named the company after his World War 2 veteran great uncles nickname “Rum Knuckles”, a rebellious bare fisted fighting legend who was a soft spoken person who also liked to look after himself and his looks. RUGMAN works out of his studio in Hackney, London and has been known to occasionally paint or stencil the odd street around East London where his work started to become well known. He has now had his work exhibited across the globe including Berlin and California. His Rum Knuckles t-shirt designs are another way of displaying his unique pieces of artwork and show his passion for design and culture.

    • RUM KNUCKLES Angels Skull T-Shirt

      RUM KNUCKLES Angels Skull T-Shirt £9.99 RRP £24.99