Punuu Clothing


Panuu is a brand that produces some of the coolest new jackets, pants, sweatshirt, t-shirts and accessories available today. They mix some urban flavour with high quality and cutting edge motifs to create a look that is just perfect for Footasylum customers. As you know, we only select the most street cred brands for you and Panuu most definitely fit the bill. Take a good look at some of their prints, hoodies and crew necks, all perfect to wear alongside some of our latest trainers and sneakers. Get bang on trend with some fantastic Panuu merchandise!

  • PANUU Tony Vest

    PANUU Tony Vest £9.99 RRP £24.99

  • PANUU Leopard Reversible Vest

    PANUU Leopard Reversible Vest £9.99 RRP £29.99

  • PANUU Palm Short

    PANUU Palm Short £9.99 RRP £29.99

  • PANUU Dayton Taped Zip Short

    PANUU Dayton Taped Zip Short £9.99 RRP £29.99

  • PANUU Quilted Poly Pant

    PANUU Quilted Poly Pant £24.99 RRP £49.99

  • PANUU Luther Long T-Shirt

    PANUU Luther Long T-Shirt £9.99 RRP £29.99

  • PANUU Tony Reversible Tie Dye Vest

    PANUU Tony Reversible Tie Dye Vest £14.99 RRP £29.99

  • PANUU Dope Sweatshirt

    PANUU Dope Sweatshirt £9.99 RRP £49.99

  • PANUU Poly Leather-Look Pant

    PANUU Poly Leather-Look Pant £19.99 RRP £44.99

  • PANUU Early Sweatshirt

    PANUU Early Sweatshirt £9.99 RRP £54.99

  • PANUU Hardcore T-Shirt

    PANUU Hardcore T-Shirt £14.99 RRP £29.99

  • PANUU Varsity T-Shirt

    PANUU Varsity T-Shirt £7.99 RRP £29.99