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Nike Air Pegasus

The Nike Air Pegasus really is a trainer that has stood the test of time, having first been released over thirty years ago. Since then, this classic Nike running shoe has undergone a series of evolutions culminating in it becoming one of the preferred choices of footwear on the planet. The Nike brand really needs no introduction and this particular trainer is one of their most tried and tested products. So impressive is the Nike Air Pegasus, that none other than Mo Farah himself swears by it when training and competing – so that really tells its own story! Read More...

      • It is for the aforementioned reasons, as well as the fact that they look and feel great that we are delighted to offer our very own range of Nike Air Pegasus trainers here at Footasylum. As you can see from the selection available below, we have all sorts of sizes, styles and colours available for your perusal. Why not take a good look through today, and remember that any order of £50 or more even qualifies for free UK delivery!