Mens Clothing

  • NIKE Elite Stripe Short

    NIKE Elite Stripe Short $33.50 RRP $50.50

  • PROJEKTS NYC Emile T-Shirt

    PROJEKTS NYC Emile T-Shirt $33.50 RRP $58.50

  • CARHARTT Vicious Jean

    CARHARTT Vicious Jean $58.50 RRP $109.00

  • ANTONY MORATO Metal Logo Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

    ANTONY MORATO Metal Logo Long Sleeve Polo Shirt $42.00 RRP $84.00

  • JACK & JONES Nathaniel Cardigan

    JACK & JONES Nathaniel Cardigan $33.50 RRP $75.50

  • SIK SILK Leopard Baseball Shirts

    SIK SILK Leopard Baseball Shirts $58.50 RRP $134.00

  • CRIMINAL DAMAGE Musket Gilet

    CRIMINAL DAMAGE Musket Gilet $58.50 RRP $92.00


    CONDEMNED NATION Bellis Short $42.00 RRP $58.50

  • RELIGION Love Teddy T-Shirt

    RELIGION Love Teddy T-Shirt $22.00 RRP $58.50

  • MAJESTIC De Sales Vest

    MAJESTIC De Sales Vest $8.50 RRP $50.50

  • PROJEKTS NYC Piero Short

    PROJEKTS NYC Piero Short $25.50 RRP $58.50


    AMPLIFIED ASAP Rocky Vest $8.50 RRP $37.00

  • More About Mens Clothing

    Men's clothing has become increasingly diverse in recent years as the industry responded to the demand from a more fashion conscious generation. Gone are the days when men simply threw on a t-shirt and jeans without a second thought. At Footasylum we know that you want to look stylish and on trend.

    Our menswear collection is extensive, loaded with the latest brands and fashion trends. We have a wide variety of leading men’s clothing brands to suit a multitude of styles, from classic sportswear designers such as Nike, Ellesse, Franklin & Marshall and Converse to fresh brands on the scene such as Hype and Antony Morato which offer cutting edge, high fashion streetwear.

    See our wide range of leading brand men’s accessories, tops, shirts, tracksuit bottoms, jeans, shorts and much more here at the Footasylum men's clothing department.