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Ugg at footasylum
Ugg at footasylum
Ugg boots are in demand, if you can’t find the style you want on the High Street, save yourself the disappointment and shop online.

In America, shoppers are complaining that UGG boots are too hard to find. Shops are running out as the seemingly never ending demand for Ugg boots goes on and on. And in the UK, we’re just as hot on Ugg boots as the States. In the cold winter months and run up to Christmas, Ugg boots are on the top of our wish list. But fashion journalists are complaining of empty shelves in the high street. The reduction of stock is largely down to the impact the recession had on retailers. High street shops and boutiques have limited space – if stock doesn’t shift quickly it can create a backlog which means they need to resort to more sales to try and free up the space. And it means they may not have a fast enough turn around to keep up with trends and seasons. Because space is limited, they need to ration out their stock. And so the perennially popular Ugg boots can become thin on the ground in the winter months when they’re most in demand.

Buy Ugg Boots Online

Some shoppers however are wary about shopping online, especially with the recent high profile scams. The Met Police recently shut down over 2,000 websites selling fake goods, including fake Ugg boots. But at the same time, shopping online is increasing in popularity. When it’s cold, wintry and dark out, the idea of having your Ugg boots – in the exact size and style that you want – delivered direct to your door is a tempting one. Shopping at reliable online footwear stores such as Footasylum means you can get your hands on a pair of Ugg boots safely and securely.

Ugg (h)! Can’t find your Ugg Boots?

Retail research analysts are urging consumers to snap up items that are likely to be hot that season – so if you’re looking for Ugg boots in the winter and you find the exact pair you want, don’t hang around. Nikki Baird, a managing partner at Retail Systems Research, told the press: “It's going to come down to the popular things that will go fast, and what's left over.” Every parent has experienced this with the in-toy every Christmas – they can be impossible to find. And when it comes to Ugg boots, it seems if you haven’t bought your pair by October, you’re not left with much choice of style, size or colour.

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