Lacoste’s story started back in 1933, at the height of Rene Lacoste’s tennis career. Inspired by Lacoste’s sporting tenacity, and a clear representation of the brand’s commitment to excellence, the infamous crocodile logo was emblazoned across all Lacoste apparel and world famous Lacoste trainer designs, where it remains to this day.

  • LACOSTE Marcel Trainer

    LACOSTE Marcel Trainer £39.99 RRP £56.99

  • LACOSTE Chanler Deck Shoe

    LACOSTE Chanler Deck Shoe £49.99 RRP £94.99

  • LACOSTE Pyron Trainer

    LACOSTE Pyron Trainer £44.99 RRP £61.99

  • LACOSTE Sevrin 2 Lite Shoe

    LACOSTE Sevrin 2 Lite Shoe £59.99 RRP £69.99

  • LACOSTE Junior Ampthill Trainer

    LACOSTE Junior Ampthill Trainer £24.99 RRP £39.99

  • LACOSTE Junior Ampthill Trainer

    LACOSTE Junior Ampthill Trainer £24.99 RRP £39.99

  • LACOSTE Giron Trainer

    LACOSTE Giron Trainer £49.99 RRP £71.99

  • LACOSTE Glendon 2 Trainer

    LACOSTE Glendon 2 Trainer £49.99 RRP £64.99

Lacoste Sold Every Second Worldwide – Get the Real Deal
Lacoste is one of the most in demand designer brands, which is why consumers need to be aware of counterfeit goods.

Lacoste – Putting the Sport into Fashion
Lacoste have always had a strong association with the world of sport, and the brand has recently announced Andy Roddick will be its ambassador until 2013.

Lacoste Partners Breast Cancer
Fashion favourite Lacoste has teamed up with the Breast Cancer charity.

Lacoste – The Retro Look
Lacoste’s latest collections have a retro feel with a modern twist.

Lacoste – The Classic Croc
Lacoste are one of the giants of the fashion industry, as enduring as their fashion logo – the crocodile.

Lacoste Dresses Tennis Legends
It’s fitting that Lacoste, the label that bears the name of a tennis champion, continues to have a close association with the sport.

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