Lacoste’s story started back in 1933, at the height of Rene Lacoste’s tennis career. Inspired by Lacoste’s sporting tenacity, and a clear representation of the brand’s commitment to excellence, the infamous crocodile logo was emblazoned across all Lacoste apparel and world famous Lacoste trainer designs, where it remains to this day.
  • Lacoste Giron Trainer

    Lacoste Giron Trainer €68.50 RRP €99.00

  • Lacoste Womens Ampthill Mid Trainer

    Lacoste Womens Ampthill Mid Trainer €27.50 RRP €75.50

  • Lacoste Fairlead Marl Trainer

    Lacoste Fairlead Marl Trainer €68.50 RRP €85.00

  • Lacoste Marcel Cup Trainer

    Lacoste Marcel Cup Trainer €55.00 RRP €85.00

  • Lacoste Showcourt Nal Trainer

    Lacoste Showcourt Nal Trainer €55.00 RRP €92.00

  • Lacoste L.ight-01 Trainer

    Lacoste L.ight-01 Trainer €82.50 RRP €96.00

  • Lacoste Marice Slip Trainer

    Lacoste Marice Slip Trainer €48.00 RRP €58.00

  • Lacoste Fairlead Trainer

    Lacoste Fairlead Trainer €62.00 RRP €85.00

  • Lacoste Graduate Trainer

    Lacoste Graduate Trainer €55.00 RRP €89.50