Hype are a relatively new brand but they are rapidly growing into an highly supported street label within the UK. Hype sweatshirts feature bold prints that make Hype clothing unmistakeable from the rest. Hype have combined this extravagant design with a classic style that has really proven popular with today’s youth and combined with one of the many Hype cap designs, the look really fits in with the fashion of our time. We have a good stock of all the latest Hype t-shirt designs and sweatshirts currently on the market at great prices.

  • HYPE Clouds Flip Flop

    HYPE Clouds Flip Flop £9.99 RRP £14.99

  • HYPE Coach Jacket

    HYPE Coach Jacket £19.99 RRP £39.99

  • HYPE Cosmic Pocket Vest

    HYPE Cosmic Pocket Vest £14.99 RRP £21.99

  • HYPE Represent Sub Vest

    HYPE Represent Sub Vest £14.99 RRP £21.99

  • HYPE Big Hype Sweatshirt

    HYPE Big Hype Sweatshirt £19.99 RRP £34.99

  • HYPE Hula Hula Sub T-Shirt

    HYPE Hula Hula Sub T-Shirt £14.99 RRP £24.99

  • HYPE Carpet Print T-Shirt

    HYPE Carpet Print T-Shirt £21.99 RRP £24.99