From its inception in 1989, G-Star has proven itself to be a fashion industry leader thanks to its innovative and cutting edge denim designs. G-star jeans, tops and sweats are a produced to an exceptionally high standard, yet still retain that rough appeal which first made them so popular. Distinct, unorthodox and totally on-trend, G-Star mens clothing is sure to get you noticed.


      G-Star - Still Cutting Edges in Fight to End Poverty
      If you know your top fashion names that you know G-Star, one of the slickest and most cutting edge names out there. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find out that far from just being fashion floozies, G-Star is a brand that takes its social responsibilities seriously.

      G-Star – Clothe your Feet
      G-Star footwear looks great at any time of year.

      G-Star Gets Glam in New York
      Ever since G Star Raw took on Liv Tyler as their face of 2010, the brand has gone starry eyed.

      G-Star Teams Up with Liv Tyler
      Fashion label G-Star knows how to promote its cool, strong image - use a cool, strong movie star.

      G Star for Grounded Fashion Lovers
      The world of fashion can have something of a negative stereotype, full of skinny airheads; G Star Raw is a brand for the streets.

      G Star Look for Raw Reporter
      G Star Raw are a clothing brand that has woken up to the power of social media and the internet ; they’ve put out a call for budding new fashion reporters.

      G-Star – The Simplicity of Style
      If you like your designer clothing to be stylish and subtle, buy G-Star.

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