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G Star Tailored Denim - Make Your Street the Catwalk

G Star clothing could make your street the catwalk with tailored denim street wear that offers a sophisticated edge. From structured silhouettes to raw untreated material; G Star denim is anything but conventional.

G-Star - Still Cutting Edges in Fight to End Poverty

If you know your top fashion names that you know G-Star, one of the slickest and most cutting edge names out there. If you dig a little deeper you’ll find out that far from just being fashion floozies, G-Star is a brand that takes its social responsibilities seriously.

G-Star – Clothe your Feet

G-Star footwear looks great at any time of year.

G-Star Gets Glam in New York

Ever since G Star Raw took on Liv Tyler as their face of 2010, the brand has gone starry eyed.

G-Star Teams Up with Liv Tyler

Fashion label G-Star knows how to promote its cool, strong image - use a cool, strong movie star.

G Star for Grounded Fashion Lovers

The world of fashion can have something of a negative stereotype, full of skinny airheads; G Star Raw is a brand for the streets.

G Star Look for Raw Reporter

G Star Raw are a clothing brand that has woken up to the power of social media and the internet ; they’ve put out a call for budding new fashion reporters.

G-Star – The Simplicity of Style

If you like your designer clothing to be stylish and subtle, buy G-Star.

G Star Raw Pulls the Divas

Fashion shows and big labels like G Star Raw often pull in the paparazzi and the celebs.

G-Star Fights Poverty

The G-Star brand takes its social responsibility seriously and has a strategy to help it and its customers make a difference.

G-Star Unveils New Face

Grand-daughter of Ingrid Bergman, Elettra Wiedemann, will be the face of G-Star’s Autumn 09 collection.

G-Star Keep it Raw

The G-Star brand can help you look and feel like a rock star.

G-Star Digs High Fashion Denim

Fashion has always reflected the times, and the global recession has impacted on the catwalk; witnessed by the high-end denim lines from G-Star.

G-Star - Beat the Fake

Shop at the right places to get authentic G-Star clothing

G-Star Loves Luxury Denim

The G-Star brand is built on denim, so its no wonder that luxury denim is the company’s first priority

G-Star - It's in your Genes

It is often difficult to find the right pair of designer jeans because we all have different ideas about what we like when it comes to denim. G-Star jeans, however, manage to span the gamut of style and offer the sort of universal appeal that designer jeans companies crave.

G-Star – A Roaring Success in 2009

The G-Star and G-Star Raw brands offer an urban and gritty look for fashion fans and their jeans and footwear in particular has garnered a significant following to say the least. G-Star know exactly what it is their followers want and they have certainly delivered in 2009.

G-Star - It's a Man Thing

G-Star is one of the most macho clothes lines around, just ask the ultimate revolutionary.

Get the Raw Look with G-Star Clothing

Denim is, of course, a staple of the clothing industry and no wardrobe would be complete without a pair of denim jeans. G Star are an urban style designer clothing label who specialise in creating jeans that are decidedly raw and unique in appearance.

G-Star Finds Its New Icon in Benicio Del Toro

G-Star has always shone brightly in the fashion firmament and now its reached new heights, enrolling movie icon Benicio Del Toro.

G-Star Clothing - Surprise Dutch Delight

Holland is more renowned for its tulips and total football than its clothing but urban denim fashion label G-Star is putting paid to that by offering some of the most sought after clothing on the market. G-Star clothing offers wearers and edgy and comfortable fit.

G Star Raw Transitions to Become G Star

For nearly a decade, G Star Raw has astounded the world of fashion with its edgy, simplistic yet powerful jeans crafted and sold in raw denim. Much like the original Levis, from the American Wild West, G Star Raw jeans needed to be worn over and over again until they began to perfectly conform to their owner's physique.

G Star is Ready for Spring 2009

G Star, formerly G Star Raw, has taken another giant step forward in their move from military industrial strength unwashed raw denim that must be worn for weeks before truly finding its fit into ready to wear fashion.

G-Star - Go Dutch

G-Star is Holland’s leading global label for many good reasons. If you want to kit your wardrobe out with the best denim in town, then go Dutch with the G-Star range. This hugely popular range of jeans, shirts, t-shirts, trainers, sandals, coats and accessories are a hit around the globe, with flagship stores in London, Tokyo and New York. This is why you should consider going Dutch.

G-Star - How do you wear yours?

G-Star is a versatile clothing range that can be worn for many different occasions. So how do you wear yours? Some clothing ranges have one style, one look, and one way to wear it. G-Star, however, is a brand that can be worn in many different settings for different occasions, and in different seasons. This style guide will give you some ideas on how you can wear your G-Star garments.

G-Star - Fashion Label Plays its Part

According to the a report on Reuters, the fashionable denim label G-Star recently used their appearance at the New York Fashion Show to promote awareness in the U.N Millennium Development Goals. G-Star is becoming a leading light in fashion circles.

G-Star - Getting that Industrial Feel

With the winter months fast approaching, fashion fans thoughts tend to turn to more heavyweight clothing and this is an adjective that can certainly be applied to the G-Star and G-Star Raw fashion lines which are surging in popularity across the UK.

G-Star clothing - G-Star Coats to be Big Business this Winter

The Dutch fashion label, G-Star, are more famed for their denim wear, particularly their jeans, but the clothing giants are beginning to complement their range with an great range of G-Star clothing including coats.

G-Star clothing - Straight from the Horses Mouth

G-Star are now world renowned for the excellence of their denim clothing line and, according to a report on Deminology, one of the leading designers at G-Star, Casper White, has certainly captured the public’s imagination with the G-Star Raw range.

G Star - A Global Phenomenon

The fashion label G-Star is one of the biggest up and coming brands for those in the fashion know. A recent expansion saw the trendy Dutch brand take their label across the Atlantic to the United States of America .

G-Star Clothing - All about the Product

In a day and age where clothing seems to have lost its spark, there are diamonds in the rough such as fashion label, G-Star clothing. This Netherlands based clothing line specialise in stylish denim attire for men.

G-Star - Taking a Closer Look at G-Star Clothing

As denim fashion labels go, not many are as influential in the current market as G-Star clothing. The G-Star denim label has an inimitable style all of its own which makes G-Star one of the most popular brands out there.