G-Star Finds Its New Icon in Benicio Del Toro

G-Star at footasylum

G-Star at footasylum
G-Star has always shone brightly in the fashion firmament and now its reached new heights, enrolling movie icon Benicio Del Toro.
G-Star is a fashion brand that has built its reputation from denim. The Dutch brand has taken the world by storm after becoming a huge success in Europe. G-Star was embraced by students across Europe and has now been heralded by the big guns of the fashion world. From New York Fashion Show to the streets of London, G-Star has made its presence known. And after conquering Europe – G-Star is particularly famous in the UK, Spain and Germany – the brand is now firmly established in the American fashion market.
G-Star and Che: The Vintage Military Collection
G-Star Raw, or G-Star as it's more commonly known, is famed for its denim – especially untreated, unwashed denim, hence the 'raw'. As well as European fashion trends, the collections have displayed inspiration from military clothing with its vintage military clothing line. It's perhaps fitting then that G-Star chose movie icon Benicio Del Toro to help launch the label's latest season. Del Toro was playing the military rebel and iconic figure, Che Guevara, in the Steven Soderbergh project, Che. G-Star has a knack of choosing movie icons that express an innate-cool. Before Del Toro, G-Star used icon Dennis Hopper. The two actors demonstrate an artistic integrity, fierce intelligence and alternative edge in fitting with the G-Star label. The chemistry between G-Star and Del Toro was perfect as the movie Che and the fashion brand matched art and authenticity.
G-Star Continues its Passion for Art and Film
Benicio Del Toro opened the G-Star fashion show in New York with a 'G-star reciting' – he spoke the lyrics of the Joy Division song, Candidate. As well as the poetry recital, live music from grand pianos set the artistic tone for the G-Star show. And with the allure of the iconic Benicio Del Toro, it isn't surprising some of the biggest stars of the music and film world were watching the G-Star show: Micha Barton sat on the front row alongside bohemian Rufus Wainwright. G-Star cemented its reputation of a big supporter of film and art with the catwalk show.
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