G-Star Fights Poverty

G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum

The G-Star brand takes its social responsibility seriously and has a strategy to help it and its customers make a difference.

G-Star is one of the most successful casual designer fashion brands in the business. With its unconventional ethos, extraordinary design collaborations and demand for quality and detail, it has attracted a loyal band of customers across the world. G-Star, which began life as a denim brand but now features a much wider collection of clothing and accessories, has outlined its fight against poverty.

Why Ethics Matter to G-Star

In today’s market, you buy designer labels because you know you’re getting great quality fabric, fashion-led shape and real attention to detail. G-Star’s customers know exactly what they’re getting when they buy the brand and they have high expectations, set either by their previous experiences or by the label’s high-end marketing. G-Star knows that its customers aren’t oblivious to the fact that much of the designer clothing they wear is made overseas and they want to be sure that fabric is ethically sourced, workers are paid fairly and companies like G-Star are taking a real interest in what happens to their business. G-Star has devoted a section of its website to give customers the information they want:

  • Supply chain – G-Star has broken its responsibilities into three areas: the supply chain, the quality of the product and the quality of its operations. As far as the supply chain is concerned, G-Star has used internationally recognised standards to help create its internal code of conduct, which all supplies must work to if they want to supply G-Star with products for its clothing. This includes standards for exploitative or unsafe working conditions.
  • Product – G-Star is rightly proud of the range of products it sells. Quality is vitally important to a designer label, as it sets it apart from high street products and gives it the edge it needs to gain designer status. G-Star is dedicated to maintaining the quality of its product, and to ensure that the raw materials used in all its products are sustainable as far as possible.
  • Operations – all consumers are concerned about the environment and the effect that mass production for consumer goods can have on the environment. G-Star understands this concern and has developed a system for measuring and reducing its carbon footprint over time to help protect the environment.

If ethics are as important to you as fashion, G-Star offers you a great partnership. It’s determination to provide you with the best possible designer clothing is matched by its dedication to ensuring that people and places are protected where they are involved with G-Star product.

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