G-Star Digs High Fashion Denim

G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum

Fashion has always reflected the times, and the global recession has impacted on the catwalk – witnessed by the high-end denim lines from G-Star.

The uncertainty of the global economy spawned particular responses on the fashion catwalks. There has been a desperate uncertainty around the short term future of fashion – what designs and themes would the big designer brands go for if the spending power wasn't going to be guaranteed? The response has been mixed. Some labels went retro, finding comfort in the past, harking back to previously austere days. Others, like G-Star, simply dragged looks and styles more associated with the High Street onto the catwalk. A report in the Sunday Times noted leading denim brands such as G-Star and Diesel began showing high-fashion lines, pushing the casual look, and offering an easier, more affordable 'fashion hit' for fashion followers.

G-Star Shine on the Catwalk

Denim has never been so big, as more designers tap into materials and looks that are relatively inexpensive but still ooze high fashion. Designers at G-Star have always embraced the casual look with a high-end flair. The G-Star brand is known for its innovative and unorthodox designs for a distinctive style. Denim may be a trademark material for the brand, but it always comes with a raw edge that sets G-Star apart from its competitors. G-Star has always been seen as the brand for leaders of fashion, not followers, so it makes sense the brand is making waves on the cat walks. Innovation is the name of the game, and in times of economic hardship, this innovative approach has certainly paid off.

G-Star: Designer Denim

G-Star are behind one of the biggest fashion hits of the cat walk this season – the sleeveless denim jacket. Ripped and torn denim is in vogue to match the frazzled outlooks the economy has caused. G-Star illustrate the idea that fashion is always a reflection of the times. Fashion is a visual representation of our dreams, fears, hopes and ambitions. It's not surprising that 2009 saw some tumultuous responses on the catwalk to the economic meltdown. Bizarrely, some leading designers embraced the 1980s, perhaps harking back to the boom time when excess, shoulder pads and cocktail dresses were in. Marc Jacobs summed it up when he told reporters after his catwalk show: "I was thinking about the good old days in New York, when getting dressed up was such a joy."

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