G-Star Clothing - Straight from the Horses's Mouth

G-Star at footasylum

G-Star at footasylum
G-Star are now world renowned for the excellence of their denim clothing line and, according to a report on Deminology, one of the leading designers at G-Star, Casper White, has certainly captured the public’s imagination with the G-Star Raw range.
One of the first things that people notice about the G-Star clothing range is its striking level of originality and well conceived design principles. Of course, it goes without saying, that G-Star employs some of the most talented designers in the denim industry and this is something that is clearly reflected in their excellent array of designs. G-Star’s clothing range and the recent addition of the G-Star Raw clothing line has really made a name for the Amsterdam based denim label and this is a trend that is sure to continue with their innovative autumn range and the much vaunted winter collection from G-Star clothing. There are obviously a veritable myriad of options to choose from when it comes to denim but G-Star designers are confident that the attention to detail that goes into all offerings from the fresh fashion label will be sufficient to make their creations stand head and shoulders above the competition.
G-Star Clothes – A Leading Light in the World of Fashion
Due to the competitiveness of the fashion world, it is clearly apparent that, in order to be a success, clothing lines really have to provide exactly what it is that consumers want. This is an endeavour that G-Star admirably achieves and, speaking to Deminology, G-Star designer Casper White, states, “We offer unique product based on denim craftsmanship and a significant signature in terms of styling. G-Star is not a trend-let company. We see ourselves as product developers, as product engineers rather than fashion designers.” This just goes to show what a unique approach G-Star clothing has towards fashion design but it is certainly a stance that has stood them in good stead as their fashion lines continue to go from strength to strength.
G-Star Clothing – Seeking Inspiration
There are many elements that act as inspiration to fashion designers and this is, of course, something that applies to the creative minds behind G-Star clothing. Speaking to Deminology, G-Star clothing designer, Casper White, states, “We are inspired by the positive tension between street and luxury and build upon the unexpected combinations this offers. There are no borders to our ambition for denim.”
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