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G-Star at footasylum It is often difficult to find the right pair of designer jeans because we all have different ideas about what we like when it comes to denim. G-Star jeans, however, manage to span the gamut of style and offer the sort of universal appeal that designer jeans companies crave.

Obviously, the most important feature for most people when it comes to designers jeans is that of comfort but G-Star jeans not only offer comfort in abundance, they also provide an unequalled level of style that allows them to really stand out from the crowd in what is the highly competitive market of designer jeans. It's not only jeans that G-Star offer their discerning followers but it is their denim wear that their enviable reputation is built upon. G-Star jeans are some of the most sought after on the market and they unquestionably offer wearers a heightened sense of both style and comfort which makes them a must have for any designer jeans fan. G-Star clothing and footwear is a relative newcomer to the clothing arena in the grand scheme of things but it is fair to say that they've not hesitated to lay waste to many of the competitors with some striking and edgy designs. Regardless of budget, you are sure to find a form of G-Star clothing or footwear that will add a sense of urban style to your look.

G-Star Jeans – Many Different Influences

The design of G-Star jeans are undeniably urban but it is apparent that the creations have numerous different influences which come together to craft such an impressive finished product. For example, many forms of G-Star clothing and footwear appear to have a certain military flavour underpinning their designs and this is something which sets their offerings apart from the crowd. Just a few examples of the G-Star jeans that have been turning heads in 2009 include:

  • Raff Elwood G-Star Jeans – A highly stylised form of designer jeans, the Raff Elwood brand of G-Star jeans really are something a bit out of the ordinary and which will make a style statement on the high street. With a dark colouration and white visible stitching across much of the denim, they are a striking and comfortable pair of designer jeans.
  • Jack Pant Brooklyn G-Star Jeans – Boasting curved front pockets, G-Star Raw button fly and curved yoke, the Jack Pant Brooklyn G-Star jeans have proven themselves to be amongst the most sought after offerings from the eponymous provider of denim clothing.
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