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G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum
Shop at the right places to get authentic G-Star clothing

One of the problems with becoming a household name in designer clothing is that people start to copy your work. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when you receive fake clothes instead of the originals you were expecting, there won’t be a fell-good factor. In fact, depending on where you buy your fake G-Star clothing, you may not even be able to get your money back once you’ve discovered the problem. That’s why you should always shop with a reputable retailer.

Spotting G-Star Fakes

G-Star jeans are a particular favourite of the fake clothes brigade. Designer fakes are big business and it’s surprising how often people can be duped about the authenticity of a branded piece of clothing. G-Star designs are susceptible because they are denim and unless you can tell between the various qualities of denim, you may have a hard time spotting that you’ve been done. There are, however, some simple steps you can take to avoid getting scammed and to make sure you’re buying original G-Star products:

  • Buy from an honest seller – whether you’re buying on the high street or online, always make sure you’re buying from a retailer you can trust. Look for website that are established, reliable stores, with all the contact information you need so that you can get in touch if things go wrong. On the high street, only use specialist G-Star stores or concessions within established shops.
  • Check for detail – with designer clothing like G-Star, it’s all about the detail and that’s what usually makes a fake garment stand out. G-Star jeans use a particular button design which is often not properly replicated by fakes, and the studs on fake G-Star jeans are often different to the originals. When it comes to denim, the stitching is nearly always a giveaway. Great brands like G-Star have perfectly aligned and matching stitching. Fakes will have poor stitching – sometimes even in different colours, so it’s easy to spot the difference.
  • Buy from a “real” retailer – lots of people look on auction sites for G-Star jeans hoping to get a bargain – but it’s no bargain if you end up with a pair of fake jeans and no refund. Instead, look for sales, discounts and special deals from online retailers and you’ll be surprised at the money you can save.
Genuine G-Star at FootAsylum

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