G-Star - A Global Phenomenon

G-Star at footasylum

G-Star at footasylum
The fashion label G-Star is one of the biggest up and coming brands for those in the fashion know. A recent expansion saw the trendy Dutch brand take their label across the Atlantic to the United States of America.
Fashion can be fickle but the classic designs of G-Star have made it popular on both sides of the Atlantic and throughout Europe. The company, which offers everything from shirts to jeans and visually unique footwear, recently held a fashion show in the city of New York in order to showcase the fashionable flair of G-Star and wow Americans with the unique designs on offer.

G-Star - Two Decades of Excellence
The trendy Dutch fashion label, G-Star, was formed in 1989 and has been creating striking designs for almost 20 years. The company’s primary focus is on denim clothing accessories but recently branched out into footwear, which largely coincided with their expansion to the United States. G-Star as a fashion label understands the importance of having a global presence when it comes to getting your fashion ideals across and this is the thinking behind their expansion to other global territories. G-Star’s North American director, Deepak Gayadin, states, “If you want to be an international brand, you have to be strong in the US and Japan, which is what G-star are focusing on in 2007/8. The women's market is stronger in the US than it is in Europe, so for us, this is a big change. We've hired a women's design team and realize the importance of the women's collection, so the show in New York will be mostly women.”

G-Star - Importance of Innovation
G-Star are often considered a fashion label of innovation and contradictions. The company’s own ethos is to be futuristic but cautious, alternative but traditional, far-reaching but experimental and all these factors come together to make G-Star a label that gets tongues wagging and their jeans, shirts and footwear flying off the shelves. G-Star is famous for its unorthodox and uncompromising style which makes it popular amongst fashion conscious individuals and celebrities alike.

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