Graffiti Inspired Rum Knuckles Clothing

Graffiti Inspired Rum Knuckles Clothing

Good news for urban warriors – graffiti inspired clothing is back in fashion, and with good reason. Ultra-stylish and effortlessly cool, nothing says style like graffiti inspired clothing and the best to be had on the market today surely comes from East London label Rum Knuckles Clothing which was founded by established street artist RUGMAN.

The History of Graffiti in Fashion

Graffiti has been found which dates back to prehistoric times, but graffiti on clothing only really started to appear in the early 80s when graffiti itself started to become more accepted as a true art form.

These days, fashion and graffiti are intertwined and designers the world over, from the couture houses to small indie labels. And whilst graffiti clothing has been around for years, a recent wave of interest has seen the emergence of fresh collaborations between artists and designers which has resulted in totally new styles of graffiti fashion.

In some cases, street artists themselves have been turning their hands to fashion design, and Rum Knuckles Clothing is one such venture.

Rum Knuckles Clothing for Urban Enthusiasts

Rum Knuckles Clothing is a great example of the new kinds of graffiti fashion which have resulted from professional street artists turning their talents into fashion, to great effect. In this case, artist RUGMAN has created a show stopping line of t-shirts and sweatshirts emblazoned with images of scantily clad women with rabbit skull heads, tattooed beauties and religious iconography featuring RUGMAN’s trademark dark twist.

Gritty, tattooed, dark, subversive – it’s no wonder that Rum Knuckles Clothing has been so well received by urban and street fashion enthusiasts. Since his emergence onto the UK graffiti scene RUGMAN has been one of the leading artists in his field, so this new venture is sure to hit all the right notes with graffiti lovers nationwide.

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