G Star Tailored Denim - Make Your Street the Catwalk

G-Star at footasylumG-Star at footasylum G Star clothing could make your street the catwalk with tailored denim street wear that offers a sophisticated edge. From structured silhouettes to raw untreated material; G Star denim is anything but conventional.

The G-Star company was founded in Holland in 1989 and began unleashing modern versions of the classic denim jean. Always keen to set the trends rather than stay ahead of them, their cutting edge designs have developed an almost cult following. More and more people are realising they can make a catwalk-style impact on the street with innovative denim designs that consist of structurally different jeans and raw, unwashed denim. Worn by celebrities around the world, their global denim phenomenon has re-shaped the way many of us wear a pair of jeans.

Continuous Innovation with Daring Denim Designs

At the forefront of street wear fashion, their high-end clothing lines and innovative designs made raw denim desirable. With their sophisticated tailoring and structured looks; their bold designs made jeans personal to the wearer. Using an architectural approach, they began constructing denim that was deliberately sculpted around the wearer. Consequently, many people find that this high-fashion denim brand is modish yet wearable. With an unrivalled collection of textures, styles and colours from unwashed to deeply dark dyes; their continual pursuit of denim perfection makes them the leading contender on the luxury jeans market.

Be the Designer: Naturally Distressed G Star Denim

Fashion shows consist of the latest and greatest designs that stand out from anything we have seen before. Much like the designers themselves, the fashion conscious youth of today are re-thinking their classification of high-fashion. Trends built on a philosophy of worn-in style are becoming more popular. G Star has been at the forefront of this denim revolution and has been continually pushing the boundaries of design through continual experimentation. G Star has developed a range of raw, unwashed jeans that take on their own design with the life of the wearer. By framing denim as if it was an art form, G Star has created tailored jeans that make any street a catwalk.

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