Diesel Walks on the Wild Side

Diesel at footasylum
Diesel at footasylum

Diesel is a brand built on jeans, and its a foundation that seems hard to shake – even during the global recession.
Diesel is a fashion label firmly rooted in the fashion empire, sitting regally at its head in a pair of well-fitting jeans. The label's innovative designs and quality clothing made it a hit with youth markets across Europe, and eventually, the world. It seems Diesel is running on rocket fuel, continuing its increasingly successful trajectory. Diesel is known for its wide-ranging jeans collection, as well as its inventive new styles and fabrics in the rest of its clothing lines. Now, Diesel is burning its way through over 80 countries across the world, and is showing no signs of slowing down.
Diesel: Creative Fuel
The Diesel dynasty is headed by Renzo Rosso who founded Diesel in 1978. Rosso headed up the Diesel label in the spirit in which it went on – hiring creative innovators to re-think the world of fashion, injecting dynamic designs and expressing individuality through the Diesel label. Diesel was never one to be swayed by trends – it created them by staying true to their integral vision. This is demonstrated in the unconventional working methods of Diesel designers. And Mr Rosso's love of independent creative thought was demonstrated recently when he bought a controlling stake of Viktor & Rolf – the hot Dutch label set up by Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren.
Diesel Goes Dutch
With the Diesel giant's backing, the Viktor & Rolf brand has now been singled out as a label with a formidable future. In fitting with the Diesel philosophy, Mr Rosso told the New York Times that the Viktor & Rolf label fitted with his commitment to creativity. He said: “My dream is to represent a fresh, modern group for the future - I don’t look for establishment designers but someone with important creativity, and Viktor & Rolf are the expression of my luxury.” The man at the head of the Diesel dynasty is accumulating unique designers and labels. He already controls well known designers and manufactures Vivienne Westwood's leading lines.
Diesel Drives Forward
As the head of Diesel continues to expand his fashion empire, the Diesel brand itself is still making strides. The Diesel Black Gold fashion show in 2009 held in New York fused a mixture of classic movie lines ('Of all the gin joints in all the towns...') with Miles Davis-style jazz. The Diesel collection tapped into its foundations as a jeans' giant, matching thirties era work shirts (a nod to the recession chic?) and rust-stained union suits. Bowler hats and leather pants all featured in the show, demonstrating the labels unique take, mixing premium casual wear with high-end luxury.
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