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Diesel Raw Energy

Diesel is driving forward fuelled by a dynamic creative force.

Diesel Clothing shows its Youth Culture Colours

It takes a pioneering fashion label to span the gamut of the clothing industry but Diesel clothing has secured universal popularity amongst high street fashion fans of all ages. Diesel clothing has begun to find particular favour amongst younger fans of late.

The Forecast is Bright for Diesel Clothing and Footwear

Diesel have stated that they aim to be ‘fashion forecasters’ and it is fair to say that the forecast is certainly a bright one for Diesel designer clothes and footwear. The UK high street has a love affair with Diesel clothing which is amongst the most striking on the market.

Diesel Walks on the Wild Side

Diesel is a brand built on jeans, and its a foundation that seems hard to shake – even during the global recession.

Diesel Clothing – Grabbing that Italian Style

It is safe to say that some of the world's most famous fashion labels herald from Italy but few have captured the imagination of British consumers as much as Diesel clothing. Diesel is an effortlessly simple clothing range which boasts a great selection of denim and casual wear.

Diesel – Fashion Line Diesel Team up with Playstation

So far as fashion lines go, few are as well respected and innovative as Diesel, which boast some of the finest clothing and footwear ranges on the high street. Diesel has teamed up with Playstation to make their clothing even more unique."

Diesel Footwear – Diesel Put their Best Foot Forward

There are few industries quite as competitive as fashion and the fact that Diesel are one of the mainstays of high street fashion is testament to their clothing range. Diesel is set to put particular emphasis on their footwear range during 2009.

Diesel Apparel and Trainers, Now in Living Colour

For decades, Diesel clothing seemed permanently attached to a monochromatic theme. Their black denim jeans and tees in various shades of grey marked the Diesel line as being for young men creating their own fashion path.

Diesel - Another 1970s Label Adds Casual Luxury

It's difficult to say for certain whether the edgy rough hewn look that was popular for men's clothing just five years ago is gone forever. As popular designer brands such as Gio Goi and Adidas return to their roots, can Diesel be far behind?