Diesel Footwear – Diesel Put their Best Foot Forward

Diesel at footasylum
Diesel at footasylum

There are few industries quite as competitive as fashion and the fact that Diesel are one of the mainstays of high street fashion is testament to their clothing range. Diesel is set to put particular emphasis on their footwear range during 2009.
According to a report on WWD Markets, Diesel plans to use 2009 to really ramp up their footwear range and improve their branding image still further. Diesel is unquestionably one of the most recognisable labels on the high street and Diesel clothing seems to transcend boundaries in the sense that it can be worn in all manner of situations ranging from the informal to the formal. Diesel footwear is just as impressive as their clothing range and this is something that the clothing giants hope to demonstrate over the next 12 months. Diesel clothing tends to be fairly understated in nature and this is something that appeals to many fashion fans who like their clothing to make a statement without feeling the need to be ostentatious. Diesel clothing and footwear had a great year in 2008 and this is something that they fully intend to replicate in 2009 by paying particular attention to their brand and dedicating time to crafting trainers that really look the part.
Diesel – Footwear for all Seasons
Diesel is well versed in providing trainers and footwear that are suitable for all seasons and they plan to really get creative with their footwear designs on the back of a highly successful year in 2008. Speaking to WWD Markets, Diesel CEO Steve Birkhold, states, “We’re in one of the best places we’ve been in. ... Everything is focused on the quality of the brand.” It is fair to say that Diesel has built one of the most stable and recognisable brands on the market and this is firmly based on the success of their jeans and clothing range but their emphasis may well be shifting towards footwear and Diesel trainers in 2009.
Diesel Trainers – A Sight for Sore Eyes
With so many trainers going down a generic route, it is undoubtedly refreshing to see some of the footwear offerings that are emerging from the Diesel stable. Diesel have already shown themselves to be an expert designer of clothing and their trainers are no longer going to take a backseat; with many commentators on fashion predicting that 2009 is all set to be a big year for Diesel trainers and footwear.
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