Diesel Apparel and Trainers, Now in Living Colour

Diesel at footasylum
Diesel at footasylum

For decades, Diesel clothing seemed permanently attached to a monochromatic theme. Their black denim jeans and tees in various shades of grey marked the Diesel line as being for young men creating their own fashion path.
With the creation of the Diesel Black Gold line and Diesel Soft Power for ladies, this major Italian house of designer fashion for youth has introduced an exciting new theme. That theme is colour. While still sporting their trademark bleached, washed out tones, the Diesel line now applies that look to tops and slacks in colors from magenta to teal. It’s hard to imagine a men’s Diesel tee in pink and white, yet such a creature does now exist, as do tees with colored prints for men.
Diesel for Ladies Begins to Resemble The Gap
How far has the move into softer fashion taken Diesel? So far, that they now have in their Winter 2008 collection a navy blue jumper, perfect for wear with short ankle bootie shoes or a pair of Uggs. Diesel slacks and jeans for women now present a completely soft, feminine outlook and are available in colours from bright white to blazing red. This is the new Diesel that apparently seeks to capture market share from noted labels for ladies such as Dolce & Gabbana and Rock and Republic.
Diesel for Men Goes Western
Further proof of Diesel’s push into the mainstream fashion arena comes in the form of their new line of fitted shirts for men, patterned and styled after the traditional snap buttoned and yoke shouldered cowboy shirt. While not taken to the extreme of using snaps instead of buttons, madras patterns and twin button-down pockets undeniably point Diesel in a Western direction.
Diesel Clothes and Shoes – Available at FootAsylum
The complete Diesel line is available through their online store and retail locations. Don’t expect to find bargains in either place. If you would like to purchase Diesel shoes, trainers and select items of clothing at great value prices, there are a few high end online and retail shops authorized as Diesel dealers. One such authorized seller of Diesel footwear and accessories is FootAsylum. You will find Diesel trainers, tees, jackets and more at all of our twelve high street stores. Diesel trainers are a special attraction of our website. Should you visit our stores or browse our site and not find exactly the Diesel item you are looking for, please give us a ring on 0845 009 8939. The staff at FootAsylum would be very happy to help you.