Diesel – Raw Energy

Diesel at footasylum
Diesel at footasylum

Diesel is driving forward fuelled by a dynamic creative force.

Italy is home to fabulous designers – in clothes and interior design – and Diesel is one of the biggest names to emerge from the world's style capital. The Diesel creative team is continuing its world domination with its launch of the Home Collection in Milan. As well as leading the way with their jeans, t-shirts and designer clobber, the brand has put its stamp on furniture and lighting as well, so your Diesel home can look as stylish as your Diesel wardrobe.

Diesel Furnishing Fashion

Like its clothes, Diesel furniture is bound to appeal to an urban chic clientèle with its edgy shapes and eye-catching accents. The unconventional twist is already visible in its clothing line, which offers a unique individuality. The materials used includes Plexiglas, studded leather and stonewashed linen. Like the clothing line, it will feature fashion accents that can be easily updated so you can change your lounge as well as your wardrobe to match the new season's fashions.

Diesel – The Aspirational Choice

Diesel is one of the most well known names in trendy designer clothing, and the furniture line aims to tap into the same urban dwelling, young, aspirational audience. The success of Diesel has been summed up by the company's president Renzo Ross: “Diesel is a lifestyle brand. Consumers choose us not only for the product but also for what Diesel represents - the way of life, our values and our ironic, creative and unexpected approach.” It's not surprising then that Diesel have branched out into the wider lifestyle context – furniture and interior design as well as clothes.

Too Cool for School with Diesel

Diesel always seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to setting trends. In 2009, Diesel is tapping into its youth appeal with a college-inspired summer collection. The American preppy style has been given the Diesel treatment with an injection of rock and roll. Casual glamour, fresh shapes and modern fabrics features in both the men's and women's lines. And for men, college-styled sportswear is matched with braces and V-necks. The collection has a 1950s vibe with skinny ties and even a return of the trilby. Whether it's the clothes, shoes or a sofa you buy from Diesel, you know you'll be tapping into a lesson in individuality.

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