Diesel – Fashion Line Diesel Team up with Playstation

Diesel at footasylum
Diesel at footasylum

So far as fashion lines go, few are as well respected and innovative as Diesel, which boast some of the finest clothing and footwear ranges on the high street. Diesel has teamed up with Playstation to make their clothing even more unique.
According to a report on Brand Republic, the leading fashion label, Diesel, have decided to tie their clothing range into the virtual world by signing a deal with Sony which will see various Diesel clothing ranges being represented in virtual form on the Playstation 3. Diesel footwear and clothing is famed for its innovation and now this is something that has crossed the divide between the real and virtual world. Diesel clothing has been made famous by household names such as David Beckham, who are regularly spotted sporting Diesel footwear and clothing and it is little wonder that the fashion label has such a high profile celebrity following given the immense style and design principles which are applied to all their clothing. Of course, this new arrangement to showcase Diesel clothing and footwear is a shrewd marketing step by the clothing giants as it will considerably expand the number of people who view their products and clothing range who will often go on to purchase Diesel clothing in the real world.
Diesel Clothing – Embracing Technology
The world of high street fashion is, unquestionably, extremely competitive and fashion labels such as Diesel are always looking for means to get ahead of their competitors and by making their Diesel footwear and clothing range available in a virtual reality world on the Playstation 3, it is fair to say that Diesel are certainly thinking outside the box. Diesel has a great line up of footwear and clothing for 2009 and by showcasing it on the highly interactive world of the Playstation 3, they really are getting a jump on what their consumers want. With this in mind, Ben Lukawski of Mindshare, states, “PlayStation Home offers Diesel the chance to engage with its target audience in a new way.”
Diesel Footwear – Street Feet
Diesel footwear is renowned for having a unique sense of style and this is something that has certainly won over footwear aficionados throughout the UK and further afield. Diesel trainers are amongst the most recognisable on the market due to the bold colours and design principles that are used in their creation and Diesel footwear and clothing is definitely going to be a favourite on the high street in 2009.
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